Bickley Coppice camping area

This is a small enclosed field and it makes a lovely camping area. It looks out over the camp fire circle to the River Severn. It is well drained and has a very slight slope. With direct access from the car park its easy to get equipment into the area. There is no fire pit as yet but there are altar fires and BBQs available .

This is the largest camping area, it is well drained and has a brick built BBQ. It has easy access to the water tap and the camp fire circle. There are also great views over the River Severn. This camping area is very popular so book early.

Kestrel, Peregrine and Red Kite
These areas are ideal places for a number of small camps, or have them all for a larger camp.  The area is wilder than the top end of the camp site but not as much as the back woods camping areas. Parts of this camp can get a little wet (Kestrel) in bad weather, but we are hoping that the French drains around the building will help with this. Each camp has its own camp fire pit, and each camp can be seen from the centre of the area, perfect for leaders to monitor the campers.

Badgers View
This area is in natural woodland and so needs to be cleared and the trees checked by the campers before use. Access, in keeping with this area,is on foot only. There is no water, so you will need a bowser or water containers. The Idea of this area is to give groups of older Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Senior Section, a place where they can safely wild camp, whether they use hammocks, or bivvy bags and tarps.The area is not suited to tents. Fires are to be on log and earth altar fires.

At the end of your stay the camping area must be put back as it was and then left to go wild again. The area used for this camp will alter so each group gets as wild an area as possible.

Stoat Spinney
This area is only accessible by 4x4 in the drier months, There is no water on site. The camp area is well drained, but you have to clear it and make a wood and earth altar 
 fire. You can use tents, hammocks or bivvy bags. It is a lovely spot for shelter building as long as any shelters erected are taken down at the end.

Heron Reach
This is as remote as you can get at Bickley, it's 10 minutes by 4x4 or a 20 minute walk from the car park. It is a small camp just below the bluebell clearing that looks over the Severn. There is no water onsite. You will need to bring your own altar fire ,but it's perfect for a Leaders', Explorers' or Senior Section 
chill out night.  You can tent, hammock or bivvy, but don't forget the insect spray for certain months of the year.

The Toilets

There are 3 eco-friendly treebogs on site for use by all. If more than one group are camping on site at the same time the leaders should negotiate with each other as to their use. 




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